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Tears, flowing,
Love, growing,
For something more.

Here He comes,
Mercy, mercy.

Arms outstretched,
Loving, forgiving,
The sinful woman.

She sees Him,
Head bent low,

He sees her,
His heart glows,
With love.

Hearts joining,
Hands clasping,
Tears flooding.

He holds her,
As she weeps,
The tears of repentance.

Becoming now the tears,
Of an angel,
This sinner, reformed.

She prays forever,
In heaven beside Him,
For us.

That we too,
May go to Him now,
And never let go.

Never let go.

Whatever you have done,
Leave it behind,
And run to Him.

Your story,
Is ours.

Now in your bliss,
You are a saint.

Magdalene, the saint,
Renewed sinner,
Beholding Him.

Pray for us,
In our pain,
In our silence.

In our sickness,
Our fear,
Our darkness.

In our distance,

May our tears,
Become like yours,
Of an angel.

Nothing is lost,
If like you,
We turn to Him.

And never let go.
Never let go.
Never let go.

“Tears of an Angel” by RyanDan

Image Credit: “The Penitent Magdalene” by Guido Reni – Wikimedia Commons


I enjoy musing, observing, reflecting, singing, writing, gardening, exercising, and dogs - usually not all at once. My Catholic faith and church is an important part of my life. Check out my blog, The MuSinGer, at

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