About The MuSinGer

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! 

I like musing, observing, thinking, and reflecting.  Thoughts and ideas for writing can flow at midday or at midnight, and every other time in-between.  Sometimes I want to share these thoughts with others because I think they may help, or even get people thinking about living a better, meaningful, and more authentic life.

I also love singing and music.  I am an experienced church singer who loves sacred music and serving at the Mass.  I am constantly learning about music, and I find the voice to be a most fascinating gift from God.  For me, music and singing are essential parts of everyday life.  That’s where the SinGer comes in.

Put these together and we have The MuSinGer!

This blog will focus on reflections and observations about various topics including life, people, singing, music, nature, health, wellbeing, work, faith, God, and anything else that may be of interest and benefit to us all as human beings today. 

Too many of us go through life blindly.  Many of us are absorbed with the problems and anxieties of surviving through everyday living, or are overwhelmed by technology.  Why aren’t we truly happy?  What are we missing?  Can we help ourselves and others by becoming more reflective?  Have we lost the ability to muse, to breathe, to connect and truly ask the important questions of ourselves?  How can we enjoy nature’s gifts?  Can singing and music aid us?  How can having faith in God help you in your journey?

We are all trying to navigate our way through this life as best we can.  Words can make a positive difference.  My hope and prayer is that you will enjoy what you find and take even the tiniest morsel of goodness from it. 

This blog may not present all of the answers, but thoughts, ideas, and questions can at least get you thinking, while sharing, talking, and learning from each other.

Sometimes we will take a stroll in The Garden to get some perspective on the world.  At other times we will go into The Music Room and focus on the power of music and our voices.  We can find that reading interesting books in The Library or spending some peaceful time in The Prayer Space can also soothe our souls.  There is something here for everyone.

This blog will be an evolving journey, and it would be amazing to have you along.  I hope you enjoy what you find.  Please subscribe or come again!

Image Credit: pixabay.com