The Music Room

Welcome.  Step inside, and listen…

Can you hear how this room – bright and welcoming – is filled with happy sounds?  Don’t be afraid.  If you enter feeling heavily-laden with the worries of the world on your shoulders, you are guaranteed to leave it uplifted.  After all, “singing is praying twice” (attributed to St Augustine)!

Go on… the piano in the corner there is free for you to play a tune or start learning.  You can pluck a few guitar strings, shake that tambourine, flick through a pile of sheet music, try a vocal warm-up, or lie down near the window and close your eyes while listening to a soothing melody. 

Want to start singing?  Below is a list of my top recommended online vocal coaches/singing teachers.  This list is certainly not exhaustive – there are numerous other teachers around the world who are doing great work in helping others to discover their musical skills and singing abilities.  These are just a few I have found to be most helpful.  Whether you want to sing pop, classical, sacred choral, jazz, musical theatre, or any other genre, start with these experts or find your own teachers.

The MuSinGer’s Top Vocal Coaches

In alphabetical order:

Ariella Vaccarino – Voice Lessons To Go
Debra Lynn Bel Canto
Dr Dan Robinson – Voice Essentials
Freya Casey – Master Your Voice
Jeff Rolka
Justin Stoney – Voice Lessons to the World
Karyn O’Connor – SingWise
Katarina Hornakova – How to Improve Singing
Kerri Ho – The Songbird Tree
Kimberley Smith – That Sweet Roar
Mark Baxter –
Tricia Leines – Rejoice In Your Voice

If you are unsure about where to begin your musical journey, you will find help in this room.  Check back from time to time to find some other useful singing and music resources in this space.

For articles discussing music and singing-related topics, and reflections based on my own experience over the years, look out for blog posts which will be tagged ‘Music’ or ‘Singing’ and the Categories list. 

As singers, whether we are professionally trained or not, I believe that we can make a difference in the world and can learn from each other to keep improving. 

Still need convincing?  Check out why music and singing are important and return to this room at any time.  Enjoy!

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