The Library

Welcome. Take a look around… Come on in and sit on that plush, comfy sofa over there.

Every MuSinGer needs a warm and inviting place to relax and get lost in words and thoughts. Get away from the world for a while, and check out what this space has to offer.

Gaze upon the wall-to-wall shelves packed with enticing books. Adventures beckon! Every book is a friend we are waiting to meet. Some books have gold trimming, leather covers, or yellowing pages still bearing the fingerprints and handwritten notes of those who held them before us.

There are big, fluffy pillows scattered in cozy corners and piled high upon the elegant bay window seat overlooking the garden.

Some of the books I have read and highly recommend will be listed on this page. But, be patient! I savour them slowly and will only list books which will benefit our minds, hearts, and souls. Occasionally you may also find some other useful reader resources here.

For articles discussing and reviewing books I have read, check out blog posts which will be tagged ‘Book’ or ‘Reading’ and the Categories list.

The MuSinGer’s Recommended Reads *

My Ikaria by Spiri Tsintziras – book review
Master Your Voice by Freya Casey – book review
Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale – book review
You Are Enough by Mandy Hale – book review

* Note: all books reviewed by me are done completely voluntarily. I have not been paid by anyone to provide my comment or endorsement of any publication.

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