The Garden


Come over here and smell this… 

Beautiful roses are blooming, and the intoxicating fragrance mingles with that of the rosemary, chives, and mint leaves. 

The colours are all around you – bursting into life and delighting the senses!

Feel the grass under your feet as you walk barefoot in the sunshine.  Lie down and close your eyes as the butterflies float above you, and your hair is gently brushed by the breeze.

This is a place you can come to rest, think, pray, learn, or simply be silent.

When you arise, read these articles about gardening to learn more about how you can help the world by building your own little piece of paradise wherever you are…

If you have never created a garden before, give it a try.  You can make a difference by doing something beautiful for the environment and humanity.  Check back every now and then to find some other useful resources in this space.

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