The Prayer Space

Thank you for coming to this space.  This is your time to take a moment out of your day to pray.  We cannot muse, think, move, sing, live, or do anything without stopping to give thanks for what we have been given by our Creator.

What is prayer?

It is simply talking to God, trusting, loving, praising, and thanking Him, while leaving everything in His hands. 

If you need to get away from the pressures of life, are in need of spiritual nourishment, and want to heal your soul, the best and first preference is to go a real church where you can connect with God and receive the Sacraments of the Church.  The Church I refer to is Catholic, as that is my faith. 

But you may be from another Christian denomination, or perhaps you may not believe in God at all. Take this time to try and give God a chance in your life.  Come, and be silent for a while.

Here you will find a video and reflections where you can listen, pray, and retreat into a place of peace.  As you watch and listen to the video below, you will gently come to understand that no matter what you are going through, God is with you and will not abandon you. You may or may not believe in Him, but He believes in you.

Content on this page may be occasionally refreshed so please come again. 

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 
(Matthew 11:28)

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