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Book review: ‘Beautiful Uncertainty’ by Mandy Hale

Today’s book review is about Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale.  Mandy is also a blogger and has written other books.  You can find her at The Single Woman blog.

Beautiful Uncertainty has class, emotion, poetic words, faith, and strength saturating its pages.  In fact, it is dripping in sweetness and comfort. 

It is like a best buddy, drinking a hot chocolate beside you on a cold Winter’s evening by the fire, wrapped in chunky woolens (or giving you a refreshing, cool drink if you are sweating through Summer right now).  It is a friend egging you on while you endure life’s ups and downs or if you are longing for something to happen – whether that is waiting for a significant other, marriage, children, a career change, miracle – whatever.  Even if you are not waiting for anything at all, it helps you live through your days with grace and peace.

The book is aimed at single women, however everyone can find comfort from Mandy’s words.  She is very open about her own story and situation, which takes a person of real strength and courage to share their heart the way she does. 

Waiting for anything does not come easily to many of us these days.  We want what we want and we want it NOW!   Waiting for things to happen, especially when it comes to love and romantic matters, is not easy.  But what is romance, really?  And what is true love?  Who does that come from?  Are we missing something or are we forgetting that Someone who will satisfy our every hunger?  Our hearts, like our beautiful earth, are very vulnerable and fragile.  But we are held in the hands of God.  This book teaches us that with that fragility comes an amazing strength and reality that can sustain us, if we put our faith in and focus on God first.

I love the way Mandy weaves God’s presence throughout her journey and the little God blessings of her day.  This is not a ‘chick lit’ book that goes on about what women need to do to capture ‘Prince Charming’ by promoting yourself, changing who you are, renovating your wardrobe, or displaying your body to lure someone into your life.  It is not shallow or trashy like that, but the book talks about finding your own strength and the truest of loves by gazing at God first.  Jesus first.  Jesus at the table, having a coffee with you.  Jesus constantly calling you back to Him – women and men – reminding everyone, especially singles, that you have a purpose and matter so much to Him in this life. 

God’s moments, God’s promises, God’s truth, God’s miracles (here’s looking at you), is what Beautiful Uncertainty is all about, no matter if your life has been rocky, or if you feel alone on your path.  He is there for you and knows what is best for you.  He can see the whole picture.  Clinging to Him and loving Him above everything and everyone else is the key.

I often felt like God was sending me little winks while reading this book – and stay with me here, that may sound a little creepy – but I kept wondering how I can notice those signals and cues from Him even more.  Have I been too distracted by other things, and especially other people, by looking away from His gaze (answer: yes)?  What little blessings and messages is He sending me throughout my day and my waiting times to tell me that He loves me, especially when I am rejected by others?  Why in the world am I looking at that person, who does not give a hoot about me, when He is aching for my attention right now?  This book brings those realisations to the fore.

Beautiful Uncertainty is about being secure in who you are as a beloved daughter or son of God.  It is about being strong, independent, smart, and finding the beauty and purpose in life while waiting for God’s will to unfold in your life.  It does not leave you feeling ashamed about waiting, but to accept the blessings of where you are right now, in this very moment.  It is about trusting that God has a plan for you, and which is going to be totally awesome for you.

God knows that you think about other things.  That you have hopes.  That you perhaps long for that person, or that miracle, or that insert dream here.  But He is actually longing for you.  Will you ignore Him?  He wants you to talk to Him.  There are little prayers scattered throughout this book that will help you if you just cannot find the words.

So whether you are bunkering down into Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, or wallowing in the warmth of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere, Beautiful Uncertainty is a delightful companion to accompany you through the seasons of your life.  If this book were a cake I would say that it was a giant three-tiered fluffy sponge, with pink and white icing around every edge, cream packed in-between the layers, and topped with two gigantic red hearts: Christ’s strong heart pumping alive with love for yours, and your beautiful heart right there next to His – even if it is peppered with bruises and holes.  He will never leave you.  He will repair you.  There is no uncertainty about that.

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