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Don’t Hold Back

I was speaking with someone about the Catholic Church’s various responses to the Coronavirus pandemic in my country and city, insofar as some parishes are doing much better than others.  The person said that it was as if some in the Church are holding their breaths.  A few are actively reaching out, going to great lengths to safely communicate with their local parishioners and being wonderfully pastoral, while others have fallen completely and disappointingly silent. It seems as though many of us have seized up and do not know what do to (or do know but feel helpless due to fear and/or the restrictions).

When do we get to exhale?  How long will it take before we realise that we can reach out in some way?  This is especially important for people of faith and those in charge of our churches. 

What can we do?  What could we be focussing on?

We can also decide that we need to work on ourselves.

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Prayer for Humility and 2020 Vision

Heavenly Father.

For those who are fortunate,
To soak up the sun,
Walk the streets,
Lay on green grasses,
See a friend,
And visit family,
Once more,
Gratitude abounds.

As we emerge from our stupor,
With red-rimmed eyes,
From so much crying,
Or fragmented hearts,
And minds,
Thinking, reflecting,
And reaching out for You.

Teach us,
To hold onto any humility,
You may have gifted us,
In this time of woe,
And death.

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The Different Versions of You

I’ve had a lot of space and time to think in recent months, and so eventually in this hiatus you get to feel and see some sort of pattern emerging from the quiet.  For me it has been this recurring theme in books, articles, websites, podcasts and other sources about our lives as being in layers, and that we must be open to renewal.  But how in the world do we do it?  What are we supposed to be doing, exactly?  Or do we just surrender and leave it all to God’s grace.  It can feel as confusing as… well, loving to eat a raw onion.

Two things keep coming up for me: the phrase “versions of yourself” and the word “transformation”.  While we do not have physical layers which we peel off ourselves each time we change our job, or career direction, or after each significant experience we go through, is there some truth to this hiding underneath somewhere?

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Happy New Year and first book review: ‘My Ikaria’ by Spiri Tsintziras

Happy New Year!

I hope that you are feeling revived after Christmas and are enjoying your summer or winter break, depending on where you live in the world.

If you are new to The MuSinGer, take some time to check out what this blog is all about.  I also have The Music Room, The Library, and The Prayer Space for you to visit and enjoy, in addition to my blog articles, which will be published fortnightly or monthly – please hit the ‘Follow’ button on the side and enter your email address to be notified of new posts, so you won’t miss out!

Another feature of the blog will be occasional reviews for books which will also be listed in The Library as recommended reading. Why bother spending time reading?  Well, check out why a book is your best buddy and get started in 2019!

Now, onto my review of My Ikaria by Spiri Tsintziras.

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