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Happy First Birthday, MuSinGer!

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me-eeeee,
happy birthday to me!”

On 6 December 2018 I launched this blog, The MuSinger, and while I know that I have not hit the jackpot as far as subscriber numbers go, or followed all of the rules of ‘successful blogging’, whatever that means, I have enjoyed producing articles for you over the past year!

Every time I write and publish a post, there is that little voice within me that wonders what people will think, if I will get any ‘likes’, or whether my words make a difference at all, but that is not the point.  As much as I respect the views of my readers, none of these things matter one jot.

Every blogger will tell you that they started their blog because they wanted to make some sort of difference to improve the world, to express themselves via their writing, or talk about whatever their passion is.  They wanted to do something creative, to forget their boring job, or to just be able to touch people’s lives in some meaningful way.  I was, and still am, no different in pursuing such goals, one year on.

I’ll admit that my blog may be a bit too general – musings, music, books, and singing, amongst a smattering of other topics – and that can be a lot to cover, but these are my true passions, and I intend to continue writing about them.

At times I have felt like giving it all up.  When I see no ‘likes’, I still feel a tinge of sadness and wonder if I need to lift my game, tap into some sort of marketing trick, or ‘sell’ my messages in new ways.  But I’m not that kind of person, and nor do I want to be.  I write what I enjoy and what I experience in life.  I publish what I know.  People can either like it or not! 

Would I have preferred that I read more books this year and published more book reviews?  Yes!  All things going well, I intend to do so in 2020.  There is always room for renewal and growth, and if you are anything like me and the people I have known and observed this year, the new decade which awaits us from 2020 seems to be a big turning point.

Why do we plan and write and publish?  Why does anyone who is interested in creative pursuits (and if you think about it, that includes everyone in some way) want to do it at all?  It is because we want to leave something of value behind.  As these years rush by – 2020 is coming people, think about it!  Twenty years since the Y2K bug! – we all want to know that we matter in some way.

I remember feeling anxious when creating The MuSinger site, and tentatively writing my little poems and articles to let loose on the world.  But it is an oh so thrilling experience!  I know that I am not a C.S. Lewis, or some other great author – but the possibility is always there to become someone better through the magic and wonder of words.

So, like the cute little chubby baby in the photo above (no, she is not me!), if you have a dream for 2020, or even right now, you just have to dig into the cake of your life and let the icing cover your face – no matter how scared or ridiculous you may feel.

Want to learn how to sing better?  Go for it.
Want to launch your own blog?  Give it a try.
Want to read more?  Go to your library right now!

It all starts with an idea – you have to add the fertiliser, put in the hard work, prayer, faith, and persistence.  Your life does have meaning and we all have a talent in something.

Life is for living, and in the past year I have learn a lot more about the value of silence, musing, respecting myself, music, singing, the beauty of words, and connections with others.

Thank you for reading my articles this year.  Thank you to my subscribers for joining the MuSinGer family, and for your support! 

Keep coming back, keep reading, and please invite others to take a look around my site!  Stay tuned, there will be new things coming in 2020!

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I enjoy musing, observing, reflecting, singing, writing, gardening, exercising, and dogs - usually not all at once. My Catholic faith and church is an important part of my life. Check out my blog, The MuSinGer, at

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