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How not to waste your COVIDays… COVIDaze?

I find myself writing more often for this blog now (hmmm, one wonders why, more time perhaps?).

This is not only for creative purposes, mental health and stability, and to escape the dire news pouring out of my radio, television, and Internet screens, but to document what is an extraordinary time in life and history.

So it got me thinking.

If we all get through this – and I am sure that we will, but the use of the word ‘if’ is because this virus has taught me that we have absolutely no control over life, even if we think we do – then generations to come will want to know what it was like in this memorable year of 2020.  At least we can teach them how not to take their life for granted.

So I have started to keep a daily vlog (video blog or log).  I record myself at the end of each day, or every other day, talking about my thoughts and experiences during this time of restriction, and have found it to be very helpful.  I would recommend you do the same for yourself, for your family and friends, for your future self, or for any person who happens to stumble across it one day.  You can do it for the times when you will no doubt complain about the inconveniences and annoyances of life, like the majority of us used to do BC (i.e. Before Corona).

Journaling or creative writing of any sort can also help.  There have been some wonderful writings posted online such as over at the thecommutary blog and the poem ‘Lockdown’ by Capuchin Franciscan Brother Richard Hendrick.

I have a lot of material from today, for instance, when I had a small parcel delivered to me for an item I ordered online.  The fracas that exploded around me in the household regarding possibly contracting the virus from the delivery man, my wearing or not wearing gloves and/or a mask, how I should handle and disinfect the package itself, how close I should be to the other person, and on and on, made me want to run off screaming to the mountains forever.  This is our reality now.

BC, a parcel was benign.  Now it could be a deadly weapon.  Seriously.  No comedy intended.  This virus is more than a physical threat to our existence, but a mental game of ‘where’s corona?’ akin to the ‘where’s Wally’ drawings?  Is it living under a church pew (this has actually been suggested), is it hovering in the air we breathe, is it on door handles, etc. No doubt we have all heard the theories.  Wipe.  Everything.  Clean.  Everything.  This is our reality now.

It is a stonkingly beautiful day today.  The sun is shining, it is Holy Thursday, and Easter is just around the corner.  I sorely miss the fact that today would have been the first day of church Masses, and much singing.  My favourite time of the liturgical year is now but subdued housebound worship, and much inner reflection awaits us.  This can be terrifying, but also beautiful and powerful.

The world will stop in different ways this Easter, and part of me wonders if something overwhelmingly supernatural or heavenly is about to happen to us.  Think about it.  It is not just about eating chocolate.  For the first time in our lifetimes, no church will be open to us.  No public Masses will be possible for us (thank God for our priests who continue to offer Masses). 

For Catholics, it feels like we are truly suffering with Christ.  I know that I feel bereft.  And what intensifies this feeling is the silence of friends who have retreated.  I keep hearing stories about how people are opening up to each other, help each other, have fun meeting via Zoom and Skype, hold virtual parties, neighbours being extra neighbourly, and so on.  I have no doubt this is genuine.  But for me the experience has been quite the opposite.  Nothing.  Silence.  This has been my COVIDaze and a painful truth.

But have I reached out, you may ask?  Many times.  Still, nothing.  This blog has been my little way to make a small connection regardless.

So whatever has been your experience so far on this difficult journey, putting something down either in writing or in a video series for your own records may be a good way to let off steam, vent, calm yourself, while simultaneously passing on something worthwhile to our future (and hopefully healthier) citizens.

Every blessing for Holy Week and Easter Sunday.  Truly, may the Risen Christ save us.  The music has not died…

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